Frequently asked questions

The choice depends on your business model and the countries you want to focus on at first. It also depends on your budget. If you’d like to test your idea first we recommend developing an app for one platform initially. In the US it should always be iOS. In other countries the answer is “it depends”. If you want to charge users then iOS is better to start with as those users tend to spend significantly more. If you’d like to build a user base first, then Android could be a good choice as Android apps tend to attract more crowd.
We guarantee zero bugs and will fix any for three months after the app is finished for free.
Yes, we complete unfinished apps. We need to see the specs and the source code to estimate the work needed to complete your project.
Yes, we do as we strive to keep all information we’re entrusted with confidential.
You are the sole owner of the source code and all the IP rights associated with it whatsoever.
Most of the engineering team is located in our main office in Krakow, Poland. We also have smaller engineering teams in Canada, Russia and Serbia.
Time & material. You pay for the actual time spent on development. We estimate this time in advance and never exceed it. The advantage of this model over ‘fixed price’ is that you’re able to apply changes to the project during development if you have new ideas or need to react to user feedback.
We will spend a lot of time talking to you in order to understand your idea and possibly suggest solutions. After your verbal acceptance we will start working on wire frames. From now on it’s an iterative process with your feedback gathered after every iteration. The next stage is designing the app in detail. Your feedback is of utmost importance at every stage from design to development.
It depends on the complexity. Very simple apps may require as little as a month of work and cost as little as $20,000. More complicated ones cost between $20,000 – $50,000. A lot of custom features may further increase the cost
We will monitor its performance and fix any bugs that are revealed within the first three months for free. We will gladly help you add more features too.